Zen Elevators | zen elevator provides traction elevator
Traction elevator are the most widely recognized sort of lifts. Elevator autos are pulled up by method for moving steel ropes over a profoundly notched pulley, generally called a sheave in the business
Traction lift, Traction elevator, Traction escalator, machine roomless elevator, gearless elevator,geared traction elevator.
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Traction Elevators


If your building has more than G 7 floors you will probably want to consider an auto door electric traction elevator. Traction elevators are better suited for taller buildings, since they are capable of much greater speeds and heights. Traction elevators are available in a variety of drives such as thyristor controlled drives and variable voltage, variable frequency AC (V3F) drives which offer significant power savings, smooth ride and accurate levelling. The car and landing door headers are imported from Simatic door & Fermator door which is one of the leading door headear manufactures.

Capacity : 340 to 884 kg